Healthy Staff.

Happy People.

Better business.

Better business travel

The Thinktravel package is a new initiative to support workplaces across Gloucestershire in promoting sustainable travel and generate a range of business benefits. This package is co-ordinated by AECOM and Go Travel Solutions on behalf of Gloucestershire County Council.

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    Benefits for your business

    • • Enhance staff recruitment and retention – through lower cost travel and promotion of healthier travel options
    • • Reduced car parking demand – through initiatives to reduce single car occupancy to and from the workplace
    • • Enhanced business reputation – through support of a low carbon initiative
    • • Carbon management plan – by providing tools to reduce carbon emissions from commuting and business travel
    • • Reduced business costs – through use of technology for remote working and reviewing current business travel to more efficient options


    Benefits for your staff

    • • Cost savings – selection of promotions and discounts from local and national travel providers
    • • Health and well-being – boosting opportunities for regular exercise through cycling and walking
    • • Reducing their carbon footprint – options to help you decrease the contribution that your transport mode makes to the environment
  •  Bike

    Cyclepods 10% OFF cycle storage
    Brompton Bikes 50% OFF frequent membership
    Bike Dock Solutions 10% OFF bike storage and installation
    Roylan Cycles 10% OFF bikes and accessories
    Eastgate Cycles 10% OFF bikes and accessories
    Eversure 12% OFF cycle insurance
    Great British Bike Build Discounts OFF accessories
    Halfords (all stores) 10% OFF in-store purchases
    BeatBikes 25% OFF electric folding bikes
    50Cycles 10% OFF electric bikes
    Halfords Added value employer package for cycle to work
    See.Sense 20% OFF intelligent bike lights
    Cycle Solutions 10% off online bike shop
    Cycle Solutions Added value employer package for cycle to work
    Pedl  10% OFF cycle hire solution & 15% OFF products

     Car Hire / Car Club

    Sixt 15% OFF car hire
    Enterprise 5% OFF car hire

    £20 driving credit and reduced employee registration fee to £5 (normally £12)

    EO Charging 20% OFF Electric Vehicle Charging Points


    CrossCountry 10% OFF CrossCountry Advance tickets
    National Railcard 15% OFF National Railcards
    Commuter Club 10% OFF rail season tickets