Santander and nextbike are set to bring a brand new cycle hire scheme to Milton Keynes from Spring 2016. In a deal signed in close collaboration with Milton Keynes Council (MKC) and MKCCM; Santander and nextbike will connect the city with major hubs at key points across the city centre, business parks and residential estates.

The exact details of the scheme are being finalised but it’s expected to include over 500 bikes, available at up to 60 docking stations across the town. The scheme will use the city-wide ‘Redway’ network; a 169.3 mile network of shared use paths for cyclists and pedestrians. Surfaced with red tarmac, the network ensures cyclists can avoid using roads to undertake most journeys.

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is the integration of traffic and travel information, made possible through the use of the latest technology. It enables the travelling public to make more informed travel choices, which will improve their journey experience in a safe and effective manner.

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Date of consultation: 22nd February 2016



A quarter of parking spaces in the city centre are set to SHRINK to make room for 235 new spaces.

More than 5,000 bays in CMK will be re-drawn to create more parking spaces for employees – at a cost of £1,277 each.

But drivers could find themselves in a tight spot as the bays are narrowed to just 2.3 metres – ten centimetres less than the minimum recommended.

Though Smartgo is a national brand, it has a strong focus on the local challenges surrounding workplace travel. To help achieve this goal, there is a Smartgo Milton Keynes Steering Group, formed of local employers with a commitment to help enhance workplace travel in a sustainable way. The Steering Group is Chaired by Richard Scott of Volkswagen Financial Services and includes managers from Abbeygate Developments, Matrix Consultancy, Milton Keynes Hospital, Milton Keynes Council, Red Bull Technology, Santander, Transport Systems Catapult with Go Travel Solutions as the Co-ordinators. The purpose of the Steering Group is to help promote the growth and benefits of Smartgo Milton Keynes. If you have suggestions to assist, please get in touch with Go Travel Solutions, the co-ordinators of the scheme by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling: 0330 024 56 65.

Tilbrook is a business park located 5 miles south east of the centre of Milton Keynes and home to over 20 businesses including well-known brand names such as Red Bull Technology, T-Systems and Trek. Since the start of Smartgo Milton Keynes in February 2014, many of the businesses based on Tilbrook have been part of the Tilbrook Travel Hub. This operates as part of Smartgo Milton Keynes. Many of the Tilbrook employers have recognised that by working together, more can be gained to help make staff travel to work easier, cheaper, healthier and more sustainable. What has been the success so far?


Here are some top tips on how to stay happy and safe on your bike when cycling during the cold and icy winter months.

Way to go

Reconsider your route. Quiet roads that are good to ride on in fair weather are more prone to freezing, particularly early in the morning and bends can be very difficult if icy. Sometimes a gritted busier road is better than an icy quiet road.

Dress for it

Jacket and gloves should be numbers one and two on your checklist. Your jacket needs to be water and wind proof, but also breathable and not too thick. It's amazing how quickly you can overheat while cycling, even on the coldest days and you can always add extra layers underneath if necessary.


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