By Robin Pointon, Managing Director of Go Travel Solutions

Research released by the AA* suggested that 1 in 7 UK staff give their employers an unpaid extra half day every week by battling for, and protecting hard-fought workplace parking spaces. 

This led Edmund King, AA President to propose that:

“encouraging car-sharing schemes or pushing for better public transport provision shows an acceptance of responsibility, rather than leaving their workers to drive round and round the car park in growing frustration while the bosses have their own reserved spaces”.

Clearly, a lot can change in a couple of years but if anything, this trend has been exacerbated by increasing demands on these spaces from employers, developers and local authorities.

The AA research brings up several key issues for UK organisations:

  • Is your workplace parking policy equitable across the workforce and senior management?
  • Are you missing out on recruiting potential star employees if they don’t have access to a car?
  • What impact does workplace travel have on your staff recruitment and retention?

As the economy continues to tighten, the recruitment and retention of staff are certainly two of the biggest HR challenges that your organisation can face. So how can you make workplace travel work to your advantage for a satisfied workpool?

Well, you could consider a range of measures to promote sustainable travel and transport modes for staff to get to and from work. Incentives such as our own national Smartgo workplace travel package provide financial, environmental and well-being benefits for all of your staff. Organisations such as GSK, Red Bull Technology and University of Leicester use Smartgo membership, as part of a package of measures, to encourage sustainable travel by staff and reduce the demand for car parking.

Incentives such as these keep your staff challenged, satisfied and rewarded. Isn’t that the sort of employer that you want to be?

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* AA National Travel Survey for England 2015


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