UoL Logo Full ColourUniversity of Leicester recently had a high volume of staff members sign up to the Smartgo scheme, with over 300 staff members signed in the space of 4 weeks, we were keen to know all the secrets to such great success!

“Although Smartgo has been on our website for some time and we have undertaken travel events etc. a well-timed news item on the staff newsletter prompted a wave of sign ups as well as conversation around the University”.

Sandra Lee, Environmental Officer at University of Leicester provides us with an insight on how she got staff to buy-in to the benefits of Smartgo.

My advice for other employers:

  1. Draft a simple and concise communication message.
  2. Try to send it out during a quiet time for email traffic.
  3. Coinciding with nice weather is also helpful.
  4. Keep your Smartgo communications separate from parking permit applications to encourage staff to consider alternatives without them feeling it's all or nothing.
  5. Mention Smartgo in your staff travel survey - it is good to hit staff with the same message in different ways in order for it to be received.

Try some of these top tips and see how your sign up can grow.

For more information or advice, contact The Smartgo Team on email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: 0330 024 56 65.


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