Hertfordshire County Council is supporting bus operators across the county with the Intalink Innovation Fund 2016/17, helping projects designed to encourage more residents to travel to work by bus.

The Centrebus ‘Fab 80s’ project is the flagship; focussing on services 80 and 81 between Stevenage and Hitchin. Centrebus is providing brand new vehicles for the routes, with the innovation fund supporting on-board wifi and a rebrand of the improved service, to encourage commuting by bus between the towns

Derrick Ashley, Cabinet Member for Environment, Planning and Transport, said:

“We are supporting our Intalink partners in delivering programmes which not only increase access to major employment sites, but also strengthen Hertfordshire’s bus network. We hope that projects such as this will encourage people to use their local bus services and make it a highly attractive option.”

Thomas Manship of Centrebus said: “The creation of the ‘Fab 80s’ branding will highlight the service to new users and the vibrant new branding will make the service stand out as well as creating a unified product brand. We have installed wifi on other Centrebus services and have found this makes bus travel more attractive to non-bus users and helps to encourage modal shift. The introduction of new vehicles will aid the reliability of the service and help to entice ‘would be customers’ out of their cars and onto this service”.

The project also has the support of Smartgo Stevenage, a travel network that provides financial, health and environmental benefits for Stevenage businesses and employees, whose membership includes major employers such as GSK, MBDA and Lister hospital.

Robin Pointon, Managing Director of Smartgo Stevenage, said:

“This directly complements our work, enhancing links with local public transport providers to help provide more attractive travel to work options. Employees of Smartgo Stevenage network members can also get great discounts on Centrebus season tickets”.

The fund was established following Hertfordshire County Council’s successful bid to the Department for Transport’s “Sustainable Travel Transition Year”, which is also supporting a number of other sustainable transport projects in the county.

The purpose of the Intalink Quality Partnership is to promote the passenger transport network in Hertfordshire through improved information, publicity, marketing and the creation and promotion of integrated ticketing schemes. This work will support the generation of more customers and thus meet the local authorities’ objectives for sustainable development and transport, and the passenger transport operators’ objectives to optimise commercial opportunities. More information about Intalink and public transport in Hertfordshire is available at www.intalink.org.uk


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