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As part of a corporate partnership, Go Travel Solutions provides Loughborough University with sustainable travel choices for up to 4,000 staff and tenants at Loughborough University’s 438-acre single-site campus.

Loughborough University is looking to develop a range of measures to reduce the need for car travel to the campus. These include assessing the opportunity to develop a new bike hire scheme, measures to encourage journey sharing and more discounts and incentives for choosing sustainable travel through the Smartgo workplace travel programme.

One such incentive in the Smartgo programme is a major discount on the purchase of a Nissan LEAF electric vehicle (EV). This particular offer interested Kevin Walmsley, Head of Corporate Services at Loughborough University, who takes up the story:

“I was driving a Toyota Prius plug-in, which don't get me wrong was a very nice car and certainly a lot more environmentally friendly than the Range Rover that I had prior to the Prius. I was always tempted by going completely electric since I trialled an electric smart car through the Sustainability Team and Cenex four years ago.

“Things have come on a long way since then. I always liked the looks and gadgetry of the Nissan LEAF but I could never afford to go that final furlong and I also, admittedly, suffered from some range anxiety. I had never contemplated a brand new vehicle but was interested to see the 30kwh LEAF being produced this year which added that more comfortable range to the vehicle.

“Then the Smartgo initiative came along. With Smartgo, I could get a huge additional discount on a new Nissan LEAF and this, combined with the (then) £5,000 government grant got me thinking as to whether I could get an offer that I couldn't resist. After a few hours with the Nissan dealer and a decent trade in on my Prius, I ended up with that offer that I couldn't refuse.

“So here I am, driving a top of the range LEAF and never going back to a petrol station. Unless they have a quick-charge station or a Mars bar in there of course!”



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